University Admission

When you talk about University placement, a lot comes to mind, namely: which course to take, level of study, the budget that you may spend in school and which country best suits yours needs. We place students in high Schools, Colleges, and Universities. In the above institutions you could do you’re A-level, Foundation year, Pre-University, Bachelors, Masters, and PhD. We always take your interest at heart and make sure you are at the best to achieve all round in career, attachment and have a good experience about what it means to study abroad. The Countries that we place people a lot are Canada, UK, Australia, USA, Germany, South Africa… among other countries. We also give scholarship advice on what to submit, what to use to apply and take you through the whole application process. This we also have scholarship opportunities in various countries all over. We will also update you on the major intakes, application required documents and the application deadlines as pertaining the various countries abroad.